Long Time Respected Motors Used Car Dealers Are Leaving eBay

Another excellent topic on the Motors community forum where another respected car dealer gives up on eBay. It’s obviously not the fun place it used to be. Deadbeat bidders who are not required to pay according to site policy. And high fees with few sales have forever damaged this once #1 venue. ๐Ÿ™

Tony1963 Leaving eBay Motors

Snapshot of eBay seller Tony1963 sales / service facility, from Docs image archive.

I’ve known this guy since the good old days. He has a satisfaction guarantee like no other. He built a solid reputation selling the finest older motor vehicles back when the motors site had it’s credibility and trust, that’s forever long gone.

Partial snippet from the topic: I signed into eBay back on November 15, 1998 a little over 20 years ago. Back then, eBay was only a few years old and the site was mainly a classified ad.

Being new to the site and being 35 years old, I noticed the occasional car for sale on the site as well. I decided that I could do better and built a shop, car lot and went into the business. I fell into the Volvo business, and added Mercedes, BMW, Saab and some others back in the day. Looking back, I had the time of my life!

There were many happy buyers and I just kept the ball rolling. As I participated in this forum, I made a few enemies and being so brash I can understand why I rubbed people. I suppose that when you have success at that age, you feel pretty good about yourself and don’t mind letting people know about it. However, the business continued to grow.

As time went on, I noticed a trend with eBay buyers. They wanted more and more for less and less. They were also quick to threaten negative feedback if they didn’t get their way. I took a few knocks over the years and it probably bolstered my position as a seller since anyone selling 10+ year old cars is probably going to have some unhappy customers. Yeah, I had a few and it didn’t bother me as long as the remarks were truthful. In a few cases where they weren’t truthful, I did something about it.

Back in 2016 we started moving product off eBay and I paid my last eBay invoice in June 2017. What I noticed was that the sell-through rate had deteriorated to the point that you had to list a car three or four times, maybe more, to make a sale. At $90 per 21 day listing, the cost added up. I had a few cars where eBay made more than I did. So, I made the move completely away from eBay.

Another motors seller chimed in with this:

I am starting to learn this the hard way. Almost 1200 in fees the last 2 months and only one motorcycle sold. I had 2 cars end tonight on auction and both buyers stated they would not be paying. My biggest problem I have had is I use ebays completed listings and sales of similar vehicles to help determine my buys. I think well if these are getting bids, or selling for X…. and this one is nicer and I can buy it for Y it should sell really quick. However lately I have had not much luck. I really wish ebay would allow sellers to leave negative feedbacks. We have zero recourse. I could literally bid on 2 Lamborghini’s tonight and just say na I changed my mind. And what can he do? Leave me an unpaid item strike, and Pay his relist fees again. But then again why would ebay ever want to help us sell a car, when we can keep paying relist fees.

Whatever happened to the good old days? From my 2005 classic archives. This motors seller sued two deadbeat bidders and garnished their government paychecks. ๐Ÿ˜†

We early sellers and buyers built this venue back in the good old days. It was our hard work reputation building that turned eBay into a household brand name. Now bidders are not required to pay for auctions they win. But the house scores a successful sale and the till goes ka-ching ringing up another sale. Too bad the seller didn’t get paid!

As for the good doctor, I too built a great reputation selling quality older motor vehicles. This website contains close to 15 years of my observation documented with empirical evidence. Yea the execs hate this site, and the DDOS and other hacks were bad enough. But when they started a smear campaign spreading rumor i sold stolen cars, rolled back odometers, and was a scammer, was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak.

Are ya feeling lucky? Roll the relist dice again! ๐Ÿ˜†

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